Looking forward to… Expodetergo international 2022 – Professional ironing testing the restart


Trevitandem double buck shirt finisher

Trevistar CR3 blown air shirt finisher

Pantastar trousers finishers

Present on the world scene of the sector for over 40 years, Trevil covers the requirements ranging from the small dry-cleaning shops to the larger laundry laboratories, with multiple delivery points.

The strong point of the Milan-based company, is the research and development of increasingly innovative ironing systems designed for improving quality, consumption, ergonomics and production speed.

The form finishers are the flagship of Trevil, without forgetting to mention the ironing tables and boilers, all strictly made in Italy.

Designed to optimize the quality and volume combination, the machines are accomplishing the requirements of increasing the daily production by using unskilled operators; they ensure a constant productivity and quality during the day and they nearly eliminate the need of manual touch-ups.

The widespread computerization has led Trevil to digitalaze all the form finishers: the TreviTouch touch screen control panel, makes them easy and quickly to be used and 4.0 ready, as well. The TreviTouch console stands out for its intuitive Smart interface that provides a simplified version for the operator, with easy commands for controlling the cycle and the movements.

The reliability of Trevil products is guaranteed by a careful selection of materials and suppliers, and strict quality tests.

Published in the March 2022 issue of Detergo magazine.

Trevil will be present at Expodetergo at stand H01 in pad. 1.

Smart interface.