Which are the market perspectives for the workwear care treatment?

Utility tensioning finisher Princess Touch

Topper Pantamat with side-to-side waist expanders and utility cuff clamps

We move to the province of Milan, more precisely to Pozzo D’Adda, to meet Corinna Mapelli at the helm of Trevil, a company that produces professional ironing machines. Engineer Mapelli points out that, “in the Italian workwear washing sector, the medium-sized laboratories, with a widespread presence on the territory, are holding a significant market share. Generally, for the medium-sized dry-cleaning shops, the acquisition of professional customers requiring the treatment of work clothes can be a profitable addition to the existing business, less subjected to seasonality and economic fluctuations than the treatment of private customers’ clothes.

The Princess Touch universal tensioning finisher, is the most suitable product for ironing the workwear: its great versatility allows to optimally iron garments of different cuts and fabrics such as: coats, jackets, waistcoats, shirts and blouses. It can efficiently iron garments washed with any technique, but moreover the garments still damp after the water washing. The main characteristic of Princess Touch, is the patented front clamp that allows to switch from the dry-cleaning to wet cleaning ironing mode with a simple gesture, without the need of changing the accessory. Princess Touch is now equipped with a 5″ Trevitouch touch screen, for an even easier use.

Speaking of trousers, the best solution in the field of workwear is represented by Pantamat in its version with transversal waistband tensioning. The universal leg-tensioners allow you to iron all types of trousers, even those of different lengths, with or without creases. A special function allows to iron also pencil skirts. The anti-stretch function prevents delicate or stretchy fabrics from deforming during the ironing cycle and can be activated independently for both waistband and leg.

On the sanitisation front, ozone is the optimal solution for eliminating malodorous substances and the micro-organisms present even in the most difficult reachable places. In this context, Trevil offers the Trevi-San ozone sanitization cabin, available in two versions of different sizes”.

Published in the April 2022 issue of Detergo magazine.

Trevil will be present at Expodetergo at stand H01 in pad. 1.

Ozone sanitizing cabin Trevisan