The only machine in the world for complete trousers finishing: it irons the top like a topper, and presses the crease like a press.
Productivity: 30 pcs/hr
Product codes: 5353, 5354




Pantastar is the first automatic machine able to completely finish a pair of trousers, ironing the top just like a topper and the leg just like a press.Until today, in order to reach proper quality, two machines were needed: a topper and a legger..Today, with Pantastar:

  • There is no longer a need for two bulky pieces of equipment;
  • It is no longer necessary to remove the trousers from the topper, handle them, sometimes hang them, and then transfer them to a second machine for the crease;
  • There is no longer need for a specialized presser.

The advantage of Pantastar compared to to products available so far is the patented TreviXpand system, which:

  • Finishes the top part of the pants in a round position, just like a topper, thus reaching a much higher quality than old “trouser finishers” which used to finish the top already in the folded position;
  • Automatically prepares the trousers folded and ready for the creases to be pressed.
  • Moreover, during the topper phase, the TreviXpand system allows to adjust the roundness of the waistband according to the style of the trousers (flat for jeans and casual pants, rounder for trousers).

Productivity: 40 pcs/hr with one operator and one pieces of equipment.

Direct technical support from TREVIL for installation and training. To be defined when ordering the machine. Only EU countries.



  • Complete finishing (top and crease).
  • Only topper function (for non creased trousers).
  • Only crease press.


  • Lady’s and men trousers, with waistband from 65 to 110 cm and length from 80 to 140 cm.
  • All fabric types, inlcuding velvet, synthetic and spandex.
  • Also for non creased trousers, using the “topper only” function.


For more details visit pantastar section in Trevil website

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3D waistband tensioning

Electronic adjustment of waistband roundness: flat for jeans and casual pants, rounder for trousers.


Leg presses with adjustable pressure
  • Gentle pressing function:
    uses low pressure to respect delicate fabric.
  • Anti-crush system function:
    the presses approach the legs without crushing, this avoids an impression on velvet or sensitive fabric.
Trevi-touch touchscreen programmer
  • Unlimited programs for different styles and fabrics.
  • “Topper only” function for uncreased trousers.
  • Provides a simple visual interface that can be translated in any language.
  • Password-protected programming.
  • Integrated Service and Troubleshooting software.
Troubleshooting made easy with the built-in diagnostics module

The touchscreen console includes features for easy programming, error detection and troubleshooting.

  • Save your custom programs to a USB stick and copy into another machine.
  • Download software updates from the internet and simply install them into the machine.
  • Run the machine in test mode to check or adjust each device independently.
  • Detect anomalies by means of self-explanatory error messages.
Antistretching fucntion for waistband and leg

To prevent deformation of delicates.

Electronic adjustment of blowing strength
Automatic folding

After finishing the top, the Pantastar automatically folds the trousers by a pneumatic folding.

Selective Steaming on the crease

To avoid side seam impressions.

Topper for low waist trousers

The design of the topper makes it possible to finish either regular or low waist trousers, with no need for additional adjustments that would reduce productivity.

Powerful steam

A new, overhauled steam circuit injects in the top a volume of steam that is enough to obtain excellent results also on wetcleaned trousers.

Two different styles of leg press
  • American-style rear creases that do not go higher than the crotch (5354).
  • European style rear creases that go up to the waistband (5353).

The front crease is hard pressed just below the pleats.

Utility cuff clamps

The shape and function of the cuff clamps makes them suitable to any style of cuff, whether it’s creased or non creased legs, or cuffs with a split on the side, or elastic fabric.


Stand for touch-ups and folding
Pleat clamps with pre-steaming function
All steam iron


Steam gun

Useful for removing creases.

Steam gun with flat nozzle assembly


Description European style rear creases American-style rear creases
Electrical requirements 230V 50Hz 230V 50Hz
Total power 1,55 kW 1,55 kW
Blowing power 1,1 kW
1,48 HP
1,1 kW
1,48 HP
Suction power 0,45 kW
0,60 HP
0,45 kW
0,60 HP
Steam consumption 40 kg/h
88 lbs/h
40 kg/h
88 lbs/h
Air consumption 120 Nl/min
4,2 cfm
120 Nl/min
4,2 cfm
Steam pressure 5 bar
72 PSI
5 bar
72 PSI
Air pressure 600 kPa
87 PSI
600 kPa
87 PSI
Dimensions 1020 x 1450 x 2670 mm
1020 x 1450 x 2670 mm
Net weight 646 kg
1424 lbs
646 kg
1424 lbs