Expodetergo 2022 – The exhibitors tell their stories





The so much-awaited 2022 edition of EXPOdetergo International met our expectations with a good influx of visitors and a high interest for Trevil products.

During the four years’ interruption in exhibitions, we focused our energies on research and development. This allowed us to present several brand-new products at the EXPOdetergo show:

  • double buck blown shirt finisher
  • double buck pressed shirt finisher
  • rotary cuff and collar press


These machines, dedicated to the most demanding customers in terms of productivity, are not only capable to shorten drying times but also to provide an excellent finishing quality, so that the finished shirts can be delivered to end customers without any further touch-ups that would compromise total productivity.

With the Trevistar Essentials shirt finisher we address cleaners who process smaller volumes of shirts but who want to start automating. This machine is characterised by an excellent finishing quality at an affordable price.

The Pantastar trouser finishing press has, as usual, attracted a lot of attention at the show: it is the only machine on the market that is able to completely finish a pair of creased trousers, without requiring a skilled presser. Pantastar is user-friendly even for an operator with no ironing experience and guarantees a consistent quality throughout the working shift. It occupies less space than a combination of several machines (e.g., a topper and a leg press, whether horizontal or vertical) and does not require repositioning the garment between topper and press, which speeds up the finishing time and minimises the possibility of errors.

Published in the November 2022 issue of Detergo magazine.

Trevistar Essentials

Trevistar Essentials