value for money shirt finisher, extremely compact.
Product code: 5295


Units for finishing at least 100 shirts per day


Shirt finisher that is able to process 35 shirts/hour. The ideal choice for an inexpensive automation of shirt finishing.

The machine is extremely compact.

The movement of sleeve clamps is studied to keep the cuffs aligned to the shoulders.

All machine movements are pneumatic, controlled electronically and do not require manual movements.

The TreviTouch touch screen makes using the machine very easy. The Smart interface allows to control all the movements in a very simple and intuitive way.

The console can be mounted on the left or on the right side of the machine, to fit in different store layouts.


5″ touch screen

All adjustments are just a tap away thanks to the Smart interface. As a result of a design targeted to ergonomics design, the operator can work comfortably, avoiding unnecessary movements. The screen is highly responsive, thus allowing accurate control of movements and the possibility to adjust the shirt position in real time.

5-clamp vertical tensioning system

The tensioning carriage is equipped with five clamps to guarantee an even finish of the hem.

The rear clamp holds the shirt’s tail, two side clamps tension the side seams, and to front paddles avoid horizontal lines.

One pedal operation

No waste of time looking for controls. The operator can focus on the dressing sequence with no distractions.

Pneumatic collar clamp

The shape of the collar clamp is made to make it easy to slip closed garments on the form, such as polo shirts.

Heated front clamp

The front clamp presses the front placket without damaging the buttons. The temperature setting is protected against accidental change.


The angle between the sleeves and the body can be pneumatically adjusted via the graphic interface.

Pneumatic adjustment of shoulders width

Convenient buttons on the touchscreen allow to adjust the width of shoulder expanders, thus providing a wrinkle-free finish of the armhole.

Easy maintenance & troubleshooting
  • conveniente spyholes allow to check the status of pneumatic valves;
  • pop-up error or maintenance messages on the console;
  • integrated diagnostics module for easy troubleshooting.
Two sizes of form available

A standard size for men’s shirts and a narrow buck for tapered shirts and ladies’ blouses.

Extremely compact

Only 0,8 sqm of floor space occupancy.

Repositionable console

The console can be positioned on the right or left side of the machine cabinet, according to the position of the cuff and collar press.


Short sleeve clamps


Touch-up iron (F015) (F015)

Accurate and lightweight. The standard choice for wet shirts.


Collar cone


Description Blowing shirt unit
Electrical requirements 400V 3N 50Hz
220V 3 60Hz
Total power 4 kW
Blowing power 2,2 kW
3 HP
Suction power 0,35 kW
0,5 HP
Front clamp 1000 W
Steam consumption 35 kg/h
77 lbs/h
Air consumption 20 Nl/cycle
0,71 cfm
Steam pressure 8 bar
116 PSI
Air pressure 600 – 700 kPa
87-100 PSI
Footprint 1120 x 805 mm
44″ x 33″
Dimensions  2880 x 980 x 1700 mm
113″ x 39″ x 67″
Net weight 310 kg
683 lbs