TREVIL introduces the new TREVIFORM with built-in boiler

The Treviform is designed to increase the productivity in a cleaner’s shop by allowing to finish quickly any garment in the complex range of jackets, coats, overcoats, lab coats, T-shirts, knitwear, polos and blouses. Operator training is very fast, and the finishing time of each piece of garment is also very short, with limited touch up needed.

Now Trevil adds the convenience of a built-in boiler, for all installations where central steam is not available. A 7.5 kW boiler in the machine can keep up with the most demanding pace.

Starting from September we will market the new version of the TREVIFORM with Touch-screen. The design of the interface will be the same as the Pantastar and the Trevistar CR2.

New TREVIFORM with built-in boiler