Pantamat for denim trousers

Pantamat for denim trousers

Topper for denim trousers with touch screen.

Product code: 5315

Pantamat 5312 provides strong and efficient finishing thanks to the 1,5 kW (2HP) motor and to the 900W steam superheater.
This machine is perfect for sizing: the tensioning device is more powerful than regular toppers, moreover, the carriage is able to add tension to the leg during steaming.
Waistband and leg size selectors are provided as standard.

A water spray gun is available as an option to improve the finish of particularly wrinkled areas.

With touch screen.


Waistband and leg size selectors, Enhanced tensioning

Size selectors are provided as standard.

The 5307 features an enhanced tensioning system which is able to expand the waistband of denim trousers to the desired size.

When high vertical tension is used to shape jeans, the expanders work together with a set of side clamps to prevent the waistband from slipping off the expanders as the carriage pulls the legs downward.

The strength of waistband expanders and leg tensioning carriage can be programmed electronically.

Utility cuff clamps

Use the outside-in movement for creased trousers and the inside-out movement for uncreased trousers and fabrics that should not be pressed. May be used for tube skirts.

Anti-stretch device for waistband and legs

The 5312, while being able to pull regular denim fabric with high strength, is also equipped with our standard anti-stretch device.

The anti-stretching device prevents deformation of elastic denim and can be quickly activated by means of a button on the console. The device can be independently used for waistband, leg length or both to allow for finishing of single-direction stretch fabric.

Trevi-Touch touchscreen control

All tensioning movements are controlled electronically and can be adjusted to finish any type of fabric.

  • Unlimited custom programs
  • Can be translated in any language
  • Provides simple visual interface
  • Password-protected programming
  • Integrated Service and troubleshooting software
  • Easy update of the software version via USB stick or IronNet desktop program.
SMART interface

Super simple operation and complete control of tensioning at your fingertips.

Repositionable carriage

The carriage height can be repositioned to finish trousers with non-standard length such as children’s sizes and shorts.

Two pedals operations

The machine is operated by means of two pedals:

  • One to go forward in the cycle (START pedal);
  • The other to “undo” any mistakes (BACK pedal).
Powerful blowing, with strength adjustment

The standard 2HP motor provides powerful blowing. Blowing strength can be adjusted for different fabrics, including elastic or spandex.


Spray group


Description Topper for denim trousers
Electrical requirements 400V 3N 50Hz
220V 3 60Hz
Total power 2,4 kW
Blowing power 1,5 kW
2 HP
Superheater 0,9 kW
1,2 HP
Steam consumption 15 – 20 kg/h
33 – 44 lbs/h
Air consumption 10 Nl/min
0,36 cfm
Steam pressure 5 bar
72 PSI
Air pressure 6 bar
87 PSI
Footprint 455 x 1130 mm
18″ x 44,5″
Dimensions 875 x 1160 x 2025 mm
Net weight 139 kg
306 lbs