Geyser 16 L

Geyser 16 L

Electric steam generators with 16 litres boiler and modular heating elements. Available in 12 kW or 15 kW size.

Product codes: 1612, 1615


  • Compact design, small footprint.
  • With two free sides for easy location.
  • Easy installation.
Designed for energy saving
  • Modular heating elements: turn on only what you need. The optional Geyser-TRON device allows further savings.
  • High performance insulation for higher efficiency.
  • Optional condensate recovery tank.
  • Optional heat recovery “economizer” device.
  • Except in case of extremely hard water, no water softening is required.
Safe and durable
  • No exposed hot or electrical parts.
  • Alarm light on front panel.
  • Double protection against overheating and overpressure.
  • High quality materials: stainless steel water tank, all-metal piping.
  • Insulation cover of the pressure vessel made of fireprooof material.

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Modular heating elements

The total power of the generator is split into smaller heating elements that may be individually controlled. The number of heating elements in function can be selected according to steam consumption. The (optional) Geyser-TRON system performs this action automatically.

Incoloy elements

We use premium Incoloy elements which feature superior resistance to heat and stress corrosion. Incoloy elements also reduce the need for boiler cleaning, as they naturally remain cleaner from limescale compared to other materials.

Electronic level control

The water level in the boiler is electronically controlled and refilled by an electric pump. Valves prevent water backflow into the supply line and boiler flooding during hours of inactivity.
The level control circuit has been designed so as to prevent phenomena of galvanic corrosion.
The level control circuit has built-in protections against generator malfunction, for example dry running and excess pressure.
There is no floating ball and therefore no mechanical parts that may fail.


Condensate recovery tank

Each Trevil generator can be equipped with a stainless steel tank for condensate recovery. The temperature in the water tank is controlled by thermostat to avoid water overheating and steam plume.


The economiser allows 50% saving on water consumption and 5% on energy consumption.
The condensate recovery tank, by itself, allows saving water and energy. Higher savings can be reached implementing our economizer, that is a heat exchanger which pre-heats the water entering the boiler exploiting the residual heat of condensate entering the tank.
The economizer is particularly recommended in systems that produce much condensate.

40 litres boiler draining tank
15 L tank for water feed, without condensate recovery


Description 12 kW steam generators for central steam plants 15 kW steam generators for central steam plants
Electrical requirements 400V 3N 50Hz
400V 3 50Hz
230V 3 50Hz
220V 3 60Hz
400V 3N 50Hz
400V 3 50Hz
230V 3 50Hz
220V 3 60Hz
Total power 12,6 kW 15,6 kW
Pump power 0,6 kW
0,8 HP
0,6 kW
0,8 HP
Heating elements 12 kW 15 kW
Boiler volume 16 l 16 l
Steam production 16,8 kg/h
37 lbs/h
21 kg/h
46 lbs/h
Steam pressure 5 bar
72 PSI
5 bar
72 PSI
Footprint 460 x 580 mm
18″ x 23″
460 x 580 mm
18″ x 23″
Dimensions 460 x 660 x 710 mm
18″ x 26″ x 28″
460 x 660 x 710 mm
18″ x 26″ x 28″
Net weight 68 kg
150 lbs
68 kg
150 lbs