Steam generator with iron for domestic use with manual refill boiler.

Product codes: 1000, 1002

Compact, portable ironing appliances for household usage, with manual refill boiler. Rugged construction derived from professional design.


Performs like a pro

The steam electric iron provides professional finishing results.

The boiler provides approximately 2 hrs of non-stop operation.


Easy to use

Just open the cap, fill in the water, close the cap and turn on the appliance.

When the green “steam ready” light turns on, the iron is ready to go.

When the water level gets too low a red “low water” light and a buzzer tell you that it is time to refill.


Extremely safe

The boiler is equipped with a double thermostat protection and safety valve.

The iron is protected by a thermal fuse to prevent overheating.

Stainless steel boiler and stainless heating elements provide lifelong operation in total safety.


Inexpensive operation

The boiler runs on regular tap water (not softened).

Self-cleaning heating elements are not damaged by limescale and require little maintenance in time.

The whole appliance requires only 1150 W.


Protective lid

Only on model 1002.

Optional stand on casters
Optional PTFE shoe to avoid shine
Professional iron rest mat
Carrying handle
Water level measuring stick
Cable holder rod


Description Steam generator for domestic use Steam generator for domestic use with protective lid
Electrical requirements 230V 50Hz
220V 60Hz
110V 60Hz
230V 50Hz
220V 60Hz
110V 60Hz
Total power 1,15 kW 1,15 kW
Iron resistance 0,45 kW 0,45 kW
Boiler resistance 0,7 kW 0,7 kW
Boiler volume 2 l 2 l
Steam pressure 3 bar
43 PSI
3 bar
43 PSI
Steam production 0,98 kg/h
2,1 lbs/h
0,98 kg/h
2,1 lbs/h
Autonomy 2 h 2 h
Dimensions 450 x 260 x 320 mm
18″ x 10″ x 13″
450 x 260 x 320 mm
18″ x 10″ x 13″
Net weight 7 kg
15 lbs
7,3 kg
16 lbs