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The crown jewels of Trevil product range: Pantastar, a finishing unit for trousers, Trevistar CR2, a tensioning shirt finisher and Treviform, a finishing unit for jackets and outerwear

The global contraction of markets in 2020 stopped all the new investments in the ironing sector in favor of the market of replacements. The news on the vaccines arriving in the beginning of the next year have raised hopes about the recovery of the development projects, particularly those focused on automation.

For years now this has been the focus point of Trevil’s growth: ironing machines that guarantee high quality finishing within a short time and without the necessity of specialized operators. It translates to a decrease in the cost of labor, obtaining a constant quality over time and a more and more competitive and fast service for final clients.

The crown jewel of Trevil’s range is Pantastar, an automated finishing unit for trousers.

The machine automatically finishes a pair of pants through a single placement of the garment onto one machine managed by just one operator, producing the same quality of finishing as in case of a topper and press combination.

Easy to use, it does not require any previously acquired ironing experience. Also, the Trevitouch touchscreen makes it easier to use the machine.

Trevistar CR2, a shirt finisher guarantees almost a total elimination of manual touchups.

Thanks to the continuous research and optimization processes, Trevistar CR2 can dry a garment faster than the previous generation version, without any decrease in quality. The tensioning carriage is equipped with five clamps to guarantee an even finish of the hem. The new Smart interface allows full control of the machine movements in a simple and intuitive way. Anomalies and troubleshooting are reported on the display.

Treviform, the historical finishing unit for jackets and outerwear is now available with the Trevitouch console for an easy and flexible control of al the functional parameters.

The touch screen has been equipped with a graphic Smart display to make the tensioning operations immediate. Treviform is also available with a built-in boiler.

Published in the December 2020 issue of Detergo magazine