Ergonomics, employee well-being An asset for businesses

The use of automatic machines implies the protection of operators in terms of health. Trevil carefully studies and develops the ergonomics of their products which guarantee a correct posture of operators and help avoid any unnecessary movements. What is more, the time of a cycle is reduced to the minimum and kept constant over time.

Pantastar represents the highest guarantee in the field of ergonomics. Operators work standing up, they do not need to reposition the pants between the finishing of the waist area and legs, and they can work comfortably with a minimum effort. The cycle is progressed by means of a pedal which allows to significantly reduce operators’ movements. Operators finish the garment while remaining in the same position. What
is more, at the end of a cycle, thanks to a handy hanger holder, the operator can hang the finished pair of pants there without having to leave the work station.

Trevistar CR, a shirt finisher combined with a cuffs and collar press, Trevilpress CP, take less than 7 sq. m.: a real example of spa- ce saving that allows to reduce operators’ movements to the minimum. The press can be equipped with a custom designed shirt basket mounted on casters with a spring lo- aded bottom thanks to which the shirts are always handy and prevent operators’ fati- gue or bending in the pre-pressing stage.

Moreover, Trevistar CR has been equipped with a fast placket uploading mode that translates to an effortless operation allowing for a better comfort.

All the vacuuming, blowing and steaming ironing tables by Trevil have been provided with a spring aided height adjustment which allows the operators to work comfortably by adjusting the height of the table effortlessly and without using any tools.

Published in the March 2020 issue of Detergo magazine


Trevistar CR and Trevilpress CP: their reduced size and garment positioning devices assure greater comfort in terms of ergonomics