Ergonomics as a key factor to combine wellbeing and production efficiency

Pantastar, the pants finisher, the Trevistar CR2 shirt finisher and the cuffs and collar press Trevilpress CP: the maximum comfort in the field of ergonomics.

In the product design stage, Trevil considers ergonomics as a key factor that translates to the guarantee of a correct posture and the elimination of any unnecessary movements while operating the machines.

Pantastar represents the highest guarantee in the field of ergonomics. The trousers finisher has been studied and developed in a way that it allows the operator to work in a standing position throughout the entire duration of the finishing cycle. When it comes to the positioning of the trousers, the operator does not need to reposition the pants between the finishing of the waist area and legs. Operators can work comfortably with a minimum effort while the manual operations are reduced to the minimum. The finishing cycle is controlled by means of a foot pedal, therefore operator’s hands are free to handle the garment. At the end of the finishing cycle, the manual touch ups can be comfortably carried out thanks to a handy hanger holder. Operators can hang the garments there without having to leave the work station.

As far as shirt finishing goes, the shirt finisher Trevistar CR2 and a cuffs and collar press called Trevilpress CP take less than 5 sq. m. of space which translates to an extremely compact work station allowing to reduce the operator’s movements and the effort to the minimum. The press can be equipped with a custom designed shirt basket mounted on casters with a spring loaded bottom thanks to which the shirts are always handy and prevent operators’ fatigue or bending.

Moreover, Trevistar CR2 has been equipped with a fast placket uploading mode that translates to an effortless operation allowing for a better comfort. All the ironing tables by Trevil, including those with a boiler, have been provided with a spring aided height adjustment. The height of the table can be easily set by a single person without the use of any tools. Operators can alternate and use the table by adjusting its height within just few seconds, so that every operator will work in the most suitable and correct posture. What is more, the vacuuming ironing tables as well as the vacuuming blowing ironing tables have been equipped with a foot pedal that is as long as the entire ironing surface. In this way, operators can activate the vacuuming or the blowing functions from any point he or she is standing, without having to assume any unnatural body positions.

Published in the January 2021 issue of Detergo magazine