Ergonomics as a key factor to combine wellbeing and production efficiency


Spring aided height adjustment

When designing its products, Trevil places ergonomics as a high priority to guarantee correct work postures and avoid unnecessary movements.

All Trevil ironing tables are equipped with servo-assisted height adjustment that does not require any tools and that can be easily performed by a single person. In this way, different operators can switch places at the same table, and adjust the surface to the most comfortable height for each one of them.

The Pantastar trouser finisher is the greatest ergonomics guarantee.

It is designed so that the operator can stand for the entire finishing cycle without bending and with no need to reposition the trousers after finishing the top part.

The operator can work with both hands, as a convenient foot pedal allows to move forward in the cycle and another pedal allows to undo the last operation.

Once the cycle is completed, the operator can make any touch-ups and fix the trousers without leaving the workstation, by means of the practical touch up station.

Pantastar - Portagrucce

Regarding the shirts, the Trevistar CR3 shirt finisher and the Trevilpress CP collar and cuff press occupy less than 7 square meters: a very compact workstation, that prevents tiring movements of the operator.

Working Area CR3

The press can be equipped with custom made spring-loaded basket with casters. Wet shirt can be kept in the basket and remain easily accessible for pressing, preventing the operator from unhealthy bending.