Energy-Saving solutions in the laundry

Paying a special attention to our customers’ needs is, for us at Trevil, a fundamental value, the driving force standing out behind the process of continuous innovation, that has kept us at the forefront of the sector for 40 years.

One of the most pressing requirements, for a long time but especially in this period, is to reduce the energy consumption. Our green solutions apply  to the entire range of products, but the highest performance can be found in those that are typically consuming the most energy, like shirt finishers and steam generators.

Regarding the shirt finishers, the blowing models such as the Trevistar CR3 and the Trevitandem (respectively, single and double buck) are being supplied, equipped as standard, with an economizer that recovers the heat of condensate and various devices for a quick and efficient drying.

  • The Trevil economizer recovers the heat of the condensate, to increase the temperature of the air used for drying the shirts. In this way cycle times are shortened, saving steam, water and energy.
Economizzatore CR3
  • The hood recovers hot air that comes out of the shirt finisher and redirects it to the shoulder and yoke areas. Cycle time is thus reduced, and less steam is needed.  After the drying process is completed, an automatic mechanism diverts the hot air outdoors, making the working environment more comfortable.

The SideDry device is an outstanding innovation by Trevil: it is a device that not only impresses a vertical tension to the side seams but it also conveys the hot air flow on them for a faster drying. The result is a perfectly dry shirt, in less time.

Published in the January 2023 issue of Detergo magazine.

Side Dry