Energy saving solutions in laundry

Trevistar CR2 + Geyser and energy saving

At Trevil, innovation begins with the attention we pay to our clients’ needs which has allowed the company to be at the forefront of the sector for more than 40 years.

Recently, Trevil’s Research and Development has necessarily focused on the optimization of energy consumption of the machines, which resulted in the development of low environmental impact solutions with significant effects on the running costs of businesses. Our green solutions are applied to the entire range of products, from the machines to boilers.

The shirt finisher Trevistar CR, for instance, has been equipped with a hood and an economizer.

The hood recycles the hot air coming from the form and redirects it towards the critical points of the shirt: shoulders and yoke seams.

In this way, the finishing cycle time is reduced and the there is less steam consumption. At the end of the drying stage, the hot air is automatically directed outwards, making the workplace environment more comfortable.

Trevils’ economizer is located inside the cabinet of the machine, in a position that does not increase the machine footprint. The device recuperates the heat of condensate which increases the temperature of the air used for drying. In this way, the finishing cycle time is reduced contributing to the saving of steam, water and energy.

Geyser generators can be provided with the Geyser-TRON system and an economizer on request. The exclusive electronic system called Geyser-TRON is able to recognize the quantity of steam that the system really needs.

It consequently turns on the number of necessary heating elements.

The economizer recuperates the latent condensate heat and uses it to pre-heat the water entering the boiler while lowering the temperature of the condensate entering the recovery tank. The net result is a 50% water consumption saving and a 5% energy saving.


Published in the February 2021 issue of Detergo magazine