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Iron Net


Desktop software for remote management of Trevil machines

We are starting this reportage speaking with engineer Corinna Mapelli, the co-owner of Trevil, a company manufacturing professional ironing machines in Pozzo D’Adda, at the outskirts of Milan. “The innovations that are blossoming from the pressing digitalisation of the production Systems, are now creating really interesting functionalities, unthinkable until few years ago. The interconnection between the different Systems through innovatively designed digitai interfaces enables an increasingly smooth management of the entire production process.

Trevil developed the IronNet control panel

available to be installed on PC for monitoring the ironing machines. It can operate autonomously or interfaced with various management Systems, making it customisable to all kinds of requirements. IronNet simplifies the set-up operations even if the machines are located in different production points. In fact, it is possible to easily upload and download the ironing programs directly from your PC: a useful function to avoid wasting time for programming each individual workstation when there are several machines of the same type. The productivity control takes place in real time: it is possible to check the number of processed garments of each type; for the shirt ironing, it will be possible to check how many short or long sleeved shirts were ironed during the working shift.

The possibility of exporting the production data, allows to create useful reports for statistical purposes, simplifying the production monitoring and planning.

The diagnosis module

incorporated in the TreviTouch consoles by Trevil, allows the technician to carry out precise diagnoses based on the recorded data.
Any possible errors, alarms and the scheduled maintenance requests are visible both directly displayed on the machine but also remotely via the IronNet control pannel. This allows a timely troubleshooting and enables an effective scheduling of the periodical interventions.

4.0 Transition

IronNet is “4.0 ready” certified and it allows the access to the “4.0 Transition” tax benefits, concludes engineer Mapelli.


Published in the June 2022 issue of Detergo magazine

Trevil will be present at EXPOdetergo International 2022, at Hall 1 – Booth H01.

Iron Net

IronNet allows to communicate with all Trevil machines with the TreviTouch console