At ExpoDetergo International 2022 Trevil introduces its latest products – 1 pt



Double buck shirt finisher with exclusive SideDry system


Blown Air Shirt Finisher. Small footprint. With exclusive SideDry system for side seams faster drying

The most frequently cleaned garment into our laundry shops, it is definitely the men’s shirt. We are talking about a numerically consistent item, but that brings little profit. Por keeping as low as possible the processing costs, the best solution is to automate the ironing phase.
To make the most suitable instrument more accessible for any laundry shop, Trevil offers a complete range of shirt finishers, from the simplest to the most sophisticated ones.

Easyform Top

Occupies little space and it is ironing a shirt in 90″. It is suitable for the small laundry shops that are making their first steps towards the automation, ironing just few shirts per hour.

Princess Touch

A universal tensioning finisher, easy to be handled for any type of outerwear that gives an almost optimal re­ suit on shirts. The shirt ironing cycle time is around 70″.

Trevistar Essentials

It is a finisher especially designed for shirt ironing. Conceived for medium-sized laundry shops, it allows the ironing of a garment in 50″.

Trevistar CR3

A star of the shirt ironing, it is processing a shirt in just 35″ and it is equipped with features that are almost eliminating the need of touch-ups. It is sui­ table for thè medium/large laundry shops.


It is designed for the laund­ry shops with a high volume of processed shirts. The ironing cycle time is 35″, with no downtimes thanks to the double buck struc­ture that allows one shirt to be dressed and undressed while another one is being ironed.

Published in the June 2022 issue of Detergo magazine.

Trevil will be present at Expodetergo at stand H01 in pad. 1.



The SideDry device is an absolute innovation by Trevil. Not only does it provide vertical tension to the side seams, but it also conveys hot air on them, for faster drying. The result is a perfectly dry shirt, in less time.

Adaptive clamp


The Adaptive Clamp is the new front hem clamp able to adapt its position for even better finishing quality, without horizontal lines.