4.0 ironing in dry-cleaning

Over the last decades, automation in the ironing sector has taken a central role within a more and more dynamic product development by involving not only pneumatics and mechanics but first of all, electronics.

For years now, Trevil has been investing in this direction, designing increasingly versatile and intuitive control panels. Trevil’s top product range, that consists of a pants finisher Pantastar and shirt finishers Trevistar and Presto FC, has been equipped with a touch screen card enabled for the so called 4.0, which translates to putting all the machine’s data online and to remotely monitoring it. The latter turns out to be a particularly useful function for the owners of more than one store.

A reduced 5″ touch screen version with the same potentiality is already available for Treviform, a finishing unit. It will soon also be available for the universal finishing unit, Princess Ultra and a topper for pants finishing, Pantamat. The electronic cards by Trevil can interface with a variety of management systems, therefore they match any type of a business necessity.

Remote monitoring allows to access all the data available from the control panel: the number of treated garments, setup parameters, error messages and memos on the programmed maintenance cycles, the latter being really useful in the planning of future interventions. What is more, it is possible to create customized programming for all the machines of the same type, which saves time as it is not necessary to program every single work station separately.

Trevil control panels make the remote control of machines possible for anybody. Data analysis, maintenance scheduling, production planning and the monitoring of its execution, to mention just a few, are only some of the characteristic features and points of strength of the finishers produced by Trevil.

Published in the October 2020 issue of Detergo magazine

Trevitouch: the new frontier of 4.0 finishing